About Us

His Grace Foundation
His Grace Foundation was established in 1997 by John and Erin Kiltz in response to the needs they witnessed as a family when their youngest daughter Gracie was a cancer patient at Texas Children’s Hospital. As the exclusive volunteer organization, His Grace Foundation serves the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of Texas Children’s Hospital, providing personalized relationship-based support to each patient and his or her family. This mission is accomplished by meeting practical needs through a variety of services. His Grace Foundation provides physical, emotional and financial support to each family whose child may be suffering from leukemia, aplastic anemia, SCID, certain types of cancer or rare blood disorders.

His Grace Foundation was designed to be “grace in the need of the moment” and is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

HGF Board 2014

Erin Kiltz, Founder
John Kiltz, Founder
Val Anderson, Executive Director
Brenda Stubbs, President
Joe Stubbs, Treasurer
Denver Plachy, Secretary


Allison Wedemeyer Offterdinger
Christopher Martin
Bea Naranjo 
Advisory Council:
Jim Coffey
Annessia Coffey
John Fosdick
Development & Special Events:

Craig Brown
Craig Brown, our massage therapist visits the BMTU once a week to provide neck and back messages.